Local Missions

One of the core values of the Church of the Nazarene is that we are a missional people. Compassionate Care and Missions is a vital part of who we are and here are some ways we live that out in Salina.


Hot Dog Ministry

Each summer, a dedicated team of individuals take to some of our city parks in Salina on Saturdays to provide free hot dogs and chips to individuals and families in our lower income areas. This has become a vital outreach ministry where biblical encouragement, support and fellowship have developed into many vital relationships with families in our community. This ministry operates annually from May to September.


Easter Egg Hunt

On the Saturday before Easter each year, SFNaz holds an Easter Egg Hunt for the community. This special event includes opportunities to meet our friends and neighbors and share the real meaning of Easter, while providing a fun filled time for the children as they collect candy-filled Easter eggs.


BackYard Bible Club

SFNaz partners with the BYBC ministry locally and has adopted Shilling School as our local elementary school. Each week a dedicated team of individuals goes into the school and provides after school activities and Bible teaching for those students whose parents enroll them in the program. This partnership with the community provides opportunities to minister to children, but also provides the church with opportunities to recognize the school’s teachers and administration throughout the year.


Rescue Mission

On a monthly basis, a number of our families provide meals and a worship service to the residents of the Salina Rescue Mission.


Law Enforcement Support and Care

Each Christmas, SFNaz provides a meal for all of the law enforcement community in Salina and their families. This is our special way of saying thanks for the care and protection they provide us in the community.


Fire Protection Support and Care

Each Thanksgiving SFNaz provides food and recognition to those firemen and women who serve us in the community. This is our special way of saying thanks for the care and protection they provide us in the community.